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11 percent


11 percent is set of tableware made from recycled porcelain and cellulose fibres.

What are the 11 percent ?

Within the cellulose fibres, originating from used toilet paper, 11% contain traces of faeces, hormones, medical residues and minerals. Inside the porcelain the waste water residues sinter and are encapsulated.

These present themselves as black indentations, which are most likely traces of calcium carbonate, copper, zinc, iron and aluminium.

The dishes are hygienic and safe, as they are fired at 1250ºC. Most harmful bacteria is eliminated at about 130ºC. But is our disgust also eliminated?

The food we digested and forgot about, comes back to us and lives on immortally inside the dishes.

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Fecal Matters

food styling Geers Bechmann

photography Nicholas Plunkett